my blog of the week

I’m busy compiling the last of the About a Blog pages for Marie Claire before I go… One of the fashion bloggers we’ll be featuring soon is Thequirkystylista whom I spotted at our Marie Claire Prix d’Excellence de la Mode and I wondered who the gorgeous stylish girl sporting the afro of gigantic proportions was… turns out it’s Funeka Ngwevela, author of The Quirky Stylista. We like to ask our featured bloggers what blogs they follow and because part of my job (and passion) requires me to spend a lot of time on the net, usually the list I get is nothing new. Until I read about one of the blogs Funeka likes which excited me muchly I had to share. I hope you don’t mind sisi…

Shirley, the lady behind meek~n~mild is 21 and into fashion beauty and photography. I simply love her style – and it’s so nice to see a beautiful confident black woman strutting her fashion stuff… and love the hair dos too.


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