thinking of trading in your blackberry for an iphone?

I have been – for months now. And all financial alarm bells have been ringing loud and clear: it doesn’t make economical sense. Truth is it doesn’t but this is how I made it happen – and justified the cost.

1. I’m due for an upgrade but only in a few days time but I want it now! And apparently I can. Up to seven days prior to my original upgrade date 😀
2. So I call Vodashop in Gardens Shopping Centre and they tell me to come in to discuss the best options.
3. I want to upgrade to an iPhone I tell the assistant and he says yes I can but not for free. I’d have to pay in just under R3000 for the privilege. I’m shocked. But then he tells me the other option would be to pay it over the duration of my contract.
4. I tell him I don’t sit and chat on the phone – I’m more of a texter. And my biggest priority is data. He tells me the maximum data package they offer is a 500MB. *crickets* Why? Is this going to be enough I wonder and ask whether he can tell me what my average data usage is on my BlackBerry. He tells me he doesn’t have access to this information which is surprising seeing as BlackBerry users were recently threatened with throttling. Not sure if it’s still happening or not but apparently it was to punish those among us (5% of BIS users) who abuse the privilege! And would you believe abuse is using over 100 MB a month. Kanti since when was there a limit? The reason we all flock to BB is because we pay under R70 for unlimited Internet usage… That’s another blog post altogether and one of the reasons I’m changing camps.
5. So anyway, my average spend for my cell phone is always under R1000 a month – and that includes my 3G data bundle for my laptop – and I want to keep it that way. So paying R100 more a month to get an iPhone is not a bitter pill to swallow.
6. It takes about 35 minutes to do the upgrade in store – so many forms to sign… and then about seven hours (was supposed to take four) for my sim swap to activate (the iPhone uses a micro chip you see so it entailed me getting a whole new sim) and my data to become active.
So data damage after seven days: about 100MBs down. I’m sure it will be less this week as I’ve now downloaded all the apps I need to keep me abreast of all the news and to air my views.

It’s way too soon to tell (cost) but I’m loving my iPhone already. After making the switch five days ago I’ve downloaded eight new apps, trawled the net for wallpaper downloads, haven’t bothered to transfer my old contacts to the new phone and checked my account balance seven times. Oh – and I’m on the hunt for a cool cover/skin. I’m considering this one but is it not a leetle to flashy? Every time my phone rings I feel like I have to hide it – like I don’t want anyone to see that I have one. Like they’re going to want to take it from me. What’s that all about? Speaking of which I need to insure it…

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2 thoughts on “thinking of trading in your blackberry for an iphone?

  1. Congratulations, once you go APPLE, you’ll never look back. I’m on the Iphone 4 and itching, to get my hands on the new 4s. But I have a few more months left, so just got to ride off this contract. They app store is addictive, enjoy it! 🙂

    • When is it supposed to launch in SA? My husband is holding out for that one. I use ‘holding out’ loosely. He’s not due for an upgrade yet. LOL

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