perfect skincare product for pregnancy


I’m not loyal to one beauty product for facial care routine – in fact I’m quite partial to being impartial and use anything from Nivea to Dior (okay I only used Dior once but still). This is probably because I find that there are very few products my skin reacts to or doesn’t for that matter. But since being pregnant, my skin has been going through a bit of a rough patch. Mathahle, Marie Claire beauty editor told me she used Eucerin face wash. It’s a product that I’ve also seen in the corner of my eye on shelf but never paid it much attention. I have to admit I’m very seduced by packaging so…

Anyway, I’m now sold by Eucerin Dermo Purifier range: Active Night Care (oil free) and the Hyaluron-Filler Day Cream for combination to oily skin. After two weeks of use my skin has visibly improved, no more spots and it’s not so dry in spots or oily even. My skin just laps it up. I think I’ve found my cult cream. I’m going in search of the toner, cleanser and scrub next.


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