the much anticipated addition to the kumalo-valentine fold

Now here’s something I didn’t get the opportunity to have – for myself, for hubby and for baby before – a little video scan. In between looking (unsuccessfully) for an obgyn I felt comfortable with and who didn’t make me feel like just number when I was pregnant with Maya I never thought to ask any of the money-grabbing bastards I did see to hook me up. And without fail those I did ask for a scan obliged and then swiftly (every time) sent me a bill for it. One of which (the bills) I wasn’t even aware of until I got a very abrupt call from debt collectors for R300 three years later! Nxa! This is one of the many reasons I sought out a midwife – and what a wonderful one I found in Xoli Makabane. Sadly I left her behind in Joburg.

But I’m happy to report I have found someone new – Dr Emarie Basson – who was recommended by an old friend on Facebook. She’s lovely, she’s got time, she makes eye contact, she speaks to us like parents, she’s affordable and we’re happy. In fact she referred us to a Kingsbury’s hospital’s fetal clinic in Claremont where we spent an hour talking almost exclusively at baby number two in my belly. Such an indulgent amount of money spent but when else would we have got opportunity to do that. We left there knowing exactly what baby weighs, dimensions of her various well-growing body parts, a feel for her personality and the knowledge that she’s 100% perfect! Here’s the video she gave us…



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