will cape town ever feel like home?

We’ve been in Cape Town for a month now and still feels like we’re doing a stop over. Everything feels very temporary. Our little flat in Zonnebloem feels like a self catering flat we’ve rented for the season. And every time I go shopping I can’t force myself into the I’mbuyinggroceriesforthemonth and out of the I’mbuyingdeliciousholidaytreats mode. Even work feels slightly surreal. Like I’m only there temporarily. Maya’s been hit hard with flu the past few days – for her this is day two at home and I finally got a doctor’s appointment. Of course, she didn’t bark like the ‘old dying man’ the woman at the chemist described her cough as when she needed to show her doctor how ill she really was. But being an old hand the doctor prescribed some antibiotics for her and told me to only fill the prescription tomorrow afternoon if her cough hasn’t improved. Why am I telling you this? Because a sick child is probably the most sobering experience you can have whether you’re travelling or not. Going to see the paed/doctor is another. Still, the feeling hasn’t subsided.

But actually, this feeling is not altogether a bad one. I’m just gonna go with it for now. I’m sure 2012 and all its pressures and excitement will put things in perspective. Time to start househunting for real!


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