capture your city

My camera battery has been flat for more than three weeks now. Every time I leave the house and think I should grab my camera I suddenly remember the battery is flat and then I think actually – between negotiating the stairs, carrying Maya and her bag, carrying my bag and shutting and locking the door, opening and closing the heavy giant swinging gate forever threatening to knock us both out but not before scraping our tender Achilles heels to shreds if we don’t time our movements perfectly, opening the garage, squeezing Maya into the car carefully while at the same time trying to prevent the car door from scraping against the wall in the tight space that is our garage… my instinct is fuck it! There’ll be other occasions to take photss. And then I saw this one little flyer on Ask Ashe’s blog.

Gives me this weekend to get that camera charged and clicking away. Might be nice to win a Sony Xperia, R3000 worth of Lee gear and my pic featured on a Lee ‘City is Mine’ T-shirt range.


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