my blog of the week

I’m absolutely in love with these two blogs: and Dear Photograph

Dear Proust is all about getting to know the ones you love. By answering a number of questions: a new one everyday in various categories from family to friends to entertainment, parenthood and more, you can build a little storybook of your life. Sounds a bit like you’re giving away a little too much on the Internet but I guess that’s a personal choice. You can choose to share with close friends by inviting them to your little storybook… or sharing with everyone on platforms like facebook and twitter. I love it because it forces you to think about things you ordinarily wouldn’t think about. Not on a daily basis anyway. Questions like ‘what song makes you most teary-eyed’ and ‘describe your most vivid memory from pregnancy’. You can choose to skip the question if it bores you… Anyway, nice way to end off a day.

Dear Photograph is just simply so moving. It invites readers to take a photo of their in the present. Apparently it’s not the pictures (which aren’t an original idea) but the little captions written by the readers who submit the photos that make the site so popular. Like so:



I wish I could take a snap to submit here but the photos of us in CT taken about 8 or so years ago are just not vintage enough. Or maybe they don’t have to be… I’ll have to do some digging around.


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