baby scan

So instead of booking a maternity shoot like I did when I was pregnant with Maya – I decided to go with a 3D scan. My obgyn who has booked us in for early next year and tells us it’s actually complimentary. Double bonus. I wonder though if the results will be anything better than this last scan we had. She looks like our little Maya already!


2 thoughts on “baby scan

  1. Sweet Zodwa,
    I think it’s brilliant that you’re so enthusiastic about viewing and sharing pics of your unborn child, but I’m not sure you’re aware of the hazards of ultrasounds. In the UK, Netherland and Scandinavia scans are kept to a minimum of 3 per pregnancy and it’s recommended to avoid them unless it proves medically necessary! It astounds me how in South Africa these things are not explained by your doctor. I’m pregnant myself and even my 20 week, extremely thorough scan took less than 3 minutes!
    Just thought I’d share what I know.

    • Thanks for sharing and for the visit 😉 I think with everything about pregnancies there are risks involved – from testing for Down’s Syndrome to some countries even banning caesareans unless a woman’s health is at risk. Even natural childbirth is a risk. I’d still opt for the scans every eight weeks when I see my obgyn knowing the risk, just like I’d take the risk and do the rather invasive test if it turned out I was at high risk of carrying a baby with Down’s. But you’re right. Our doctors really should be putting us in the picture.

      P.S Congrats on your pregnancy – where are you living? And what’s your due date? Is this Sonya from Rhodes by any off chance?

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