an afternoon in langebaan

When we lived in Cape Town eight or so years ago we went to this beachside restaurant called Die Strandloper in Langebaan for Hein’s birthday. We always wanted to return. So we did. With friends. It’s about 130km outside of Cape Town – you pay R205 and eat as much fish as you’d like (but only half a crayfish), while enjoying a liquid beverage and the smell of the ocean while watching the staff bake fresh bread and braai the day’s catch under the hot South African sun. It’s a very rustic setting – you sit on low wooden planks and tables and eat your food (10 courses in total) using mussel shells as cutlery. Bring your own drinks (and ice to keep the beverages cool). No corkage.

We didn’t have grand expectations eight years ago but bringing friends along you always hope the place you’ve been raving about for so long also manages to thrill your friends. Sadly the food didn’t quite meet our now well-cultivated expectations but it still remains a great lunch trip out of town.


* Fill up on the mussels in the wine, the bread and those delicious jams – it’s the best course of the day. You can totally skip the paella.

* Bring a pillow




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