my flop-proof crumpet recipe

A while back on Twitter someone was asking for recommendations for a restaurant that serves killer pancakes in Cape Town and I thought to myself – doesn’t she mean crumpets? I hate pancakes! Their leathery rubbery texture makes me naar. And throwing cinnamon sugar and lemon all over it – as if in an effort to disguise the lousy flavour and texture… well… anyway let me get to the point…
My daughter is going threw an annoying food phase. She is not interested in breakfast. I’ve tried asking her what she wants trying to entice her with frivolous breakfast options like Coco Pops, Oatees… and healthier ones like All Bran Flakes or wholewheat toast and peanut butter or eggs. She used to love all of these things. And now all I get is ‘No thanks, mama’.
‘Then what would you like to eat.’ I ask her and I get, ‘Nothing mama’. On several occasions I’ve merely placed food in front of her without asking what she’d like – and those attempts have been met with a look of distaste and disapproval. She’ll scrape back the chair, get up with plate in hand and hand it back to me or her father. ‘No thanks mama/daddy,’ she’ll say most politely. My last resort is a piece of fruit. But she’ll only accept plums, peaches, grapes, strawberries and any of the other exotics. And of course every morning, it’s a plea for ice cream or sweets. I worry that she’s not eating enough of the right things.

So this past weekend I thought let me whip up a batch of crumpets. How can a child resist a stack of steaming fluffy crumpets dripping with butter and syrup? And then we could use the crumpets as a base and eventually graduate to more healthier toppings. So I placed the delicious treat in front of her and she took and deep sniff. She placed a finger in the syrup, licked it, moved onto the butter and exclaimed, ‘Ooh yummy butter!’ and I thought this is it. But after polishing off the little knob of butter and taking a tiny nibble of the crumpet she she turned to me and said, ‘I don’t like it mama’. *sigh*

If you’d like to give it a stab, here’s the recipe:


2 cups flour
2T backing powder
pinch of salt
4T sugar
2 eggs
10ml melted butter
280ml milk


* Sift the dry ingredients together
* Beat milk eggs and melted butter together and add to dry ingredients
* Allow mixture to stand for 30 minutes. It’s ready once you see small bubbles forming.
* Fry a dollop of mixture in a lightly-oiled pan flipping when golden brown.




8 thoughts on “my flop-proof crumpet recipe

  1. I LOVE CRUMPETS! I went to Seattle recently and was dying to go to the Crumpet Shoppe but it was closed for renovations and I wanted to cry. I am going to try these! Thank you.

    • Hahahaha! These will hit the spot for sure. Just remember – the first two crumpets you make are usually duds because it takes a while for your pan to get to that perfect temperature. Let me know how it goes…

  2. Sounds very fimiliar.Maybe you can try involving her in the food making process, in that way she gets to see what is being prepared and gets the chance to pre- taste before the actual meal.Especially during dinner.

    • She’s always in the kitchen that one – especially when dad is in the kitchen which he is mostly. Breakfast is the only problem. the only time she’s ever wolfed down her breakfast was when her dad made pork sausages, eggs and toast. This is not sustainable as a daily affair 😉 Though thanks for the suggestion.

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