the problem with hair care products for black women

Dear makers of hair care products for ethnic hair,

What makes you think that us black women want our hair to smell like Lucky Packet sweets or sickeningly sweet overripe fruits. I can’t stand it! There is not one product – from leave-in conditioners to shampoos to moisturizers – on the shelf that inspires me to buy it. Just one more thing that prevents me from rocking my natural hair with confidence. I want the wind to pick up the scent of ginger, honey blossoms, orange, rainforest, ocean breeze and such like on my locks, and not the smell of rotting fruit – bananas, peaches and mangoes that have been left out in the sun for way too long.

And another thing, why do our hair care products come in containers that are burnt orange, bright purple or some sickly green in colour… as if more neutral colours wouldn’t appeal to our senses?

I vaguely remember being invited to a product launch by Dion Chang a year or so ago. The link between black hair products and Mr Chang wasn’t so obvious to me and I was intrigued. Sadly my after-hours schedule wouldn’t allow and I missed the event. But I do remember the name of the product was Motions. Since then I’ve seen the hair care product filling up the shelves of many black hair salons but again, the packaging put me off and I was never tempted to try it. That is until yesterday while perusing the shelves of a Pick ‘n’ Pay, desperately opening and sniffing all the products to see which scent wouldn’t make me hurl. I recently undid my twists and was looking for something that will leave my hair feeling nourished and soft and smelling nice, something with the qualities and texture of a leave-in conditioner. That’s when I saw Motions. I picked it up, stared at it and sniffed deeply. To my surprise, it wasn’t offensive. Not in the least actually. This morning I’ve applied it to my hair after doing a deep shampoo and conditioning and am now waiting to see the results. The product does feel nice when applying it; I just want to see how it dries. I’ll let you know.

But really, we should have a lot more choice than is currently on shelf. What gives exactly? Why are we not spoiled for choice?

Yours sincerely,

Frustrated black woman

Image from le coil


4 thoughts on “the problem with hair care products for black women

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