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I’m trying to decide whether to stick with the natural or go with a kiff new slick style. Yes I know it’s a topic I revisit more often than not… bear with me. So while pinning my interests this morning (it’s one of the best ways to start the day) I came across this blog.

Here’s the British lady behind Natural Belle – and I see she’s sporting the hair that I’ve been trying to track down for the past six months. I think it’s called Kinky Afro. Apparently it’s few and far between here in Cape Town and when it does come in, it goes quickly – so the ladies of the Mowbray hair scene tell me.

I’m totally loving her hair inspiration images and particularly inspired by all the curls. My hair is looking like a B-grade version of Solange’s do. I would post a pic but chickened out when I spied my chubby cheeks…

And get a load of these curls! Oh Thandie – such an exquisite beauty.

And then of course you can blow your curls out and do this. Reminds me of my sister Zanele who’s really good with her hands. Me, I can only plait someone else’s hair – I don’t know how she manages to do her own so nicely.


4 thoughts on “my blog of the week

  1. trying to get my Nic into dreads but what does this whitey know about afro hair?! I took him to a salon in Melville where he proceeded to tell everybody that he wants hair like Bob Marley. Brought the house down. Anyways, apparently its still too short and my learning continues….

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