recommended hair product for natural hair

So the jury’s out! After my hair care product moan last week I promised to get back to you about the Motions Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion. And it’s good news people. The packaging is totally forgettable and like I said, it doesn’t smell like an ocean breeze but its slightly sweet strawberry smell is not at all offensive. Once it’s applied you don’t smell it at all. And after a week’s days’ trial, I’m happy to recommend this as the next best lotion for natural hair. My hair just laps it up on application and come end of the day it’s still moist without being product shiny or sticky.

Happy customer.


6 thoughts on “recommended hair product for natural hair

  1. Thank you. I took my braids out and have been looking around after reading your post last week. I woke up this morning and had a Organic Root Mayonnaise treatment. I think I’ll give this one a try too.

    • Oh yes Organic Root mayo treatment is great! I also have their Jojoba moisturizer to base my scalp for when I plait my hair. This one is nice for pre styling. Let me know how you like it!

  2. Motions usually has good products so I’m not suprised to hear that you liked it! My mom uses Motions shampoo and conditioner, I’m going to suggests the hair lotion to her. Thanks for the post!

    • I totally buy shampoo and conditioner for the smell. I know I shouldn’t but the moment Pantene is serving me pretty well. Maybe should give the Motions offering a try… Thanks for the visit 😉

  3. and how much damage will this product set me back for..i need it though even if it could cost me an arm an a leg coz my hairline moving backwards for some reason..i wana go afro_centric again!

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