where to next?

Look at this view!

The travel bug has bitten again and I can’t seem to shake it, Ruby is only five weeks old and mama wants to split. Shame. Understandably so though. I feel like I’ve been under house arrest for the past 10 months. What a crazy pregnancy it’s been and I’m glad it’s over. If I ever feel broody, grab my face in your hands and mouth the magic trigger words: ‘brown couch’. I alone know the true meaning of those two words.

Anyway, we’ve been discussing holiday destinations and we’ve finally picked one. Look at these images – can you guess where we’re planning on going next year?

Why it’s Shanghai of course! And we’ll definitely have to pop into Hong Kong and maybe Beijing…

All I want to do is take some time off, not think about work or bills or babies… and just spend 10 days eating sleeping in drinking dancing shopping mooning holding hands kissing acting silly people watching staying out all night and taking pretty pictures.


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