my blog of the week

I couldn’t wait to share – this is my second blog of the week but you’ll understand why. It’s called Politics of Black Hair… The Kink Rules Supreme. Karen Halliburton’s blog is all about the debate between natural hair vs the weave and it’s hilarious. I think. Unless she’s serious…

Look at some of the images:

One post with this image beneath it is called ‘Misdirected creativity’. I laughed. Hard.

… and then this post with this image and the following text beneath it:

‘So many Black women will do limited or no exercise
because of having their hair get messed up — due
to sweating it out.  And forget swimming.  That will
see a Sister’s $70 plus perm go down the drain.

A 2008 study by Columbia University found that 31%
of African American woman sampled avoided exercising
due to putting their air in disarray mode.’

Again I laughed.

… and this picture entitled: ‘Lace  front wig for baby too’

… love this doll by Jason Wu


It’s my new favourite and I’ll be a regular visitor


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