no you don’t have a shoe fetish

Why is it that all the shoes I profess my undying love for I would a) never have the guts to wear b) don’t have the budget to buy c) don’t have the wardrobe to complement them or d) don’t have the legs or the feet or both…

And my tastes aren’t even that out there! What is it about shoes that say so much about who we are – deep down inside? Or perhaps more who we’d like to be?

The number of times I’ve interviewed people who claim to have a shoe fetish only to open their wardrobes and find a disorganized array of scuffed heels from various years of Aldo and Nine West sales. I think it’s safe to say most of us just love shoes. Fetishism is something else entirely.


13 thoughts on “no you don’t have a shoe fetish

  1. This is so true. I love, love, love shoes and I live in shoe heaven. But you wouldn’t know it from looking at my shoe rack. All the shoes that I see and drool over in shops I can’t wear cos I have fat, flat feet and those cute, dainty heels are just so uncomfortable for me.

    I used to buy them anyway and they would sit for months either worn once and hastily taken off as soon as I left the event I was attending, to be replaced by my trusted heels, or never worn at all. Now I’ve learned to stop myself from doing that cos it’s a waste of money…I end up giving away tons of shoes every few months.

  2. Shem. You have a legitimate excuse at least ;D and still you have at least worn them. I have three pairs that I call my dinner heels and I’m always making up some excuse not to wear them. If it’s not the outfit, it’ my mood or the fact that I don’t want to be teetering on heels all night. Unless I walk in, park them under the table, let them meet and chat to other heels and then take them home – they ain’t coming out with me. They still look brand new.
    And all the shoes I’ve posted here I would buy – but do you think they’d get a chance to meet friends of a similar ilk? No chance.
    No guts no glory I guess.

    • That’s precisely what I was thinking when I saw the ones you posted: gorgeous, would love to have.

      But my fat feet wouldn’t be happy in them. I think I’ll have foot surgery 🙂

  3. i was hit by a car when i was young and i was told i may never walk again, today in my very early thirties,i walk and i wear all kinda shoes, and majority of them are most painful. but i soldier on and wear anything on my limited budget with no shame

  4. I don’t suppose you know the make of the two pairs of shoes depicted with jeans? I have serious shoe envy!

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