who is little dragon?

If you don’t know who Little Dragon is, get to know them… they’re a Swedish outfit headed up by the incredibly stylish and sexy lead vocalist Yukimi Nagano. Their music escapes definition. Nagano describes it as such:

‘Maybe Little Dragon is a city. Blue traffic-lights, fast food-signs, neon, love, loneliness, technology in a city reflected in the middle of a vast ocean. The music juxtaposes tradition and intense knowledge of musical tools, with destruction, invention… blazing a new trail. I like to think of our music as dreamy, but not always in a pleasant way. Some songs are emotional and some more free and naive.

They’ve done collabs with some of my favourite artists such as José Gonzàlez, Koop and Gorillaz.

They’ve just announced a South African tour via Twitter! Ahhh! I haven’t been this excited since Massive Attack announced they were coming. And this time, I’m not missing it! So excited to see how this concert is going to play out. And to the genius who’s masterminded this appearance – I cold kiss you right now!


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