suitable alternative to a landline

Strangely enough I’m writing a feature about mobile technology and its impact on fixed line operators. Jah neh. Don’t ask. but it’s got me thinking about getting a landline. I’ve always resisted the idea of getting one but as a freelancer I often get asked, ‘Do you have a landline I can call you on? The line’s not clear’ No I don’t. Thing is, I’ve heard horror stories about surprise bills at the end of the month. Well, after my R2500 Vodacom bill last month, I doubt anything will surprise me. *weeps into hands*

Perhaps I should get myself one of these babies. Would be perfect for Maya too who doesn’t understand the delicate sensibilities of my iPhone when her grandparents call. There’s me like her shadow behind her when she’s chatting away,  walking around, waving arms about – and she always inadvertently presses her cheek too close to the handset and sets off either the mute button or drops the call.

It’s quite cute no? Spotted it on Asos.


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