vogue italia – haute mess

I’m a huge fan of Vogue but why must they insist on packaging Africa and Blacks in some neat little box in their random homages? Artists such as Thandiswa Mazwai and Lira and movers and shakers like Precious Moloi-Motsepe deserve to be featured in any one of their generic issues published throughout the year – not just filed under ‘Black Blog’ or in their Rebranding Africa or Black issues.

Have a look at some of the gorgeous and inspiring South African women featured in Vogue in past issues or on their website…

PS. I can’t take the credit for the ‘haute mess’ heading, much as I’d like to…


2 thoughts on “vogue italia – haute mess

  1. I agree howver vogue magazine in America is worse. The covers that they do allow Blacks featured as here are usually in very sterotypical and small ways or not at all. Its a shame but this is the first blog that I have seen someone point it out

    • It’s as bad as Vanity Fair where they feel the need to do a special tribute to hiphop as part of their music issue so they can feature black musicians. Why not just feature them? Or they do one of those ‘it girls’ gatefold covers and all the black faces – if any – are on the inside cover? As if we need a reason to be featured cos we’re not good enough otherwise…

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