lady gaga vs kim kardashian

So not only is Lady Gaga coming to South Africa, she’s also made the cover of Vogue‘s much-anticipated September issue. Frankly, I’d be more excited if it were Madonna coming and the idea of Kim Kardashian on Vogue L’Uomo is infinitely more intriguing. If the rumours about Anna Wintour’s dislike for the Kim are to be believed, perhaps Wintour’s influence does not reach as far as the Italian border.

Love the spreads…




5 thoughts on “lady gaga vs kim kardashian

  1. Well, you know, even Queen Oprah had to bow to the Kardashian chi and did a 2-hour interview with them. 1st hour aired last night and the finale airs next Sunday night. She had never watched a single episode of Keeping Up and had to do a “Kardashian Kramming” session before the interview, but she says she was intrigued by how famous and wealthy the clan has become.

    Kim looks so much like her mom with the short haircut, especially in the shot where she is running from the pap.

    • Lihle – the way I wish we had OWN here. There are so many interviews I’ve been dying to see. Would love to watch her take on the Kardashians. Wonder what she really thinks…
      Agree with you on her looking like her mom.

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