miss black france? you’re kidding me right…

I saw one of African Prints in Fashion’s posts featured a beautiful black woman wearing a super cute bikini… when I peered closer to see who the woman was, I saw her credited as Romy Niaba, Miss Black France. Say what?! On further investigation I found out that it was the first exclusively black beauty pageants held in France. The winner this year is 21-year-old Sengalese beauty Mbathio Bèye (pictured above). Apparently black beauty is not represented in France and this competition aims to give black women a platform to be honoured. The last time a black women won Miss France was back in 2000 – a biracial beauty of Rwandan origin, Sonia Rolland.

Umm… wouldn’t the solution to be to fix the broken system within the existing pageants rather than creating further segregation and creating another brand of beauty? Seems to me the idea isa bit backward.

Sonia Rolland


8 thoughts on “miss black france? you’re kidding me right…

  1. Hi there, actually a couple of European countries have these competitions, as black women or in general black people are not really represented in the main stream media. For historical reasons, a lot of black people live in France and most of them are French, but don’t see themselves represented when switching on the TV for example. Thus they are creating their own platforms.

  2. Pageants are complicated to raise because everything, from the money spent to the process and its purpose is questionable. But it bothers me that there is only one winner, and they tend to have white women’s features.

  3. When you separate in realitu its cos your mind and ideals are that! I do not believe in separate pagaents all women are beautiful and when we put one before another we set ourselves up for strife and future emtional battles.

    Being a woman is complicated enough segregating us when we have so much more in common than not is sad!

  4. I have to agree with you. First, creating a “Ms. Black France” pageant inadvertently states that there is some sort of difference between black beauty and white beauty, which puts blacks in a sub-category. Beauty is beauty, period. I wish we could start understanding that. In any event, good eye!

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