demystifying the word ‘awkward’

Good people

It has come to my attention that there is a staggering number of you who don’t know the meaning of the word ‘awkward’. It’s apparent by your use of the word in our well-loved Twitter hashtag #thatawkwardmoment that the meaning continues to escape you. I’ve taken it upon myself to try and edify…

Definition: The word awkward has many meanings – ranging from a ‘difficult to reach corner’ to being ungainly or gauche and even ‘lacking skill’… but in the context of the Twitter hashtag, it refers to a cringeworthy, embarrassing, uncomfortable, difficult to handle situation…

Let me give you a couple of scenarios that describe an awkward moment:

* You’re in the office toilet washing your hands after you’ve just dropped a few kids at the pool. They made a lot of noise. So did you. You feel loads lighter. While drying your hands trying to decide whether you’re going to make yourself a cup of tea or coffee before heading back to your desk, your boss walks out of the cubicle you were previously occupying. Awkward.

* You’re on the couch with a blanket and bowl of popcorn watching a romcom. Your dad walks in and asks what you’re watching and plops down next to you. Nothing, you mutter noisily, mouth full of popcorn. Predictably, a really noisy sex scene comes on and you and your dad squirm uncomfortably. Should you look away, start a conversation, make a joke, change the channel? Shouldn’t dad leave? Awkward.

* So you’re about to go into an interview and you’re pulling into the parking space and getting out of your car when you notice your reflection in the car window next to yours. So you pull out your lipstick for one last touch up, fix your hair, check out your ass situation, pull out the wedgie, smack it, and then mouth ‘you’re hot’ at your reflection. It’s only when you’re just about to head off  that you notice there’s someone sitting in the car. Awkward.

Here are some tweets that aren’t awkward – yes, they are actual tweets.

* ‘That awkward moment when everything becomes 100 times funnier when you’re with your best friend’

* That awkward moment when your parents don’t appreciate the hilarious child they’ve been blessed with’

* ‘That awkward moment when you have to get over someone you never even dated’

All clear?


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