the foulest smelling hair product

… but it works! I’ve had to be very selective about the days I choose to apply it because it really, and I mean really stinks – like a thousand bottled farts. It’s preferable I don’t see people for at least 3 days after applying. It tops those rotten fruit smelling hair moisturizers I was complaining about in a previous post

But thing is, thanks to breastfeeding, once again my hairline is receding. No matter how many supplements I just can’t keep up with the rate at which little Ruby is literally sucking the nutrients out of me. When I was at the hair salon getting my hair did while moaning about my misery, my stylist (I use this term loosely) recommended I try Damatol, a Nigerian product. Costs R50. And in the little time I’ve used it (about 6 weeks), I’ve noticed regrowth.

Highly recommended; use with caution.


One thought on “the foulest smelling hair product

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