surprise presents in the post

@raj_presents started following me on Twitter and after inspecting the profile, I immediately returned the follow – purely based on the cute illustration of the avatar. You know I always love a little illustration…

Then I went a little deeper and clicked the link to the website – it lead me to Presents in the Post. It’s a really cute and simple idea. You sign up and click on a picture you think best describes you or someone you well, like. Then you pay R250 and wait for the surprise present (100% local)  to arrive in the post.

This is a stellar idea! And I’ve just signed up! *squeals with excitement*

I went for classic clean nostalgic gal. They’re busy knocking my gift into shape – apparently.

Excuse me while I go and poke around some more to find out the story behind the idea



One thought on “surprise presents in the post

  1. So, what did you get?

    (Totally love your blog! It feels like a chat with a close friend. Addicted already. Love it! Great job!)

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