surrealism, love triangles and a little series nostalgia


It’s been a rather surreal weekend, starting with what sounded like cops raiding our neighbour’s house on Thursday evening. And as quickly as they appeared, they disappeared again, while I was busy instagramming the picture I’d just snapped of the three cop cars surrounded the house across the road. And then just above our bedroom window, a pipe just started gushing water. It never occurred to me that it might be our geyser. Bursting. Not even when I discovered there was no hot water while trying to have a shower the next morning. Friday morning passed by in haze – me running around doing work admin, being threatened telephonically with having my wheels clamped because I was parked in someone’s parking bay and then tooting off to our office Christmas party in Sea Point. On the drive home, three people in separate cars hooted at me in rush hour traffic and yelled ‘Welcome to Cape Town’, as I raced home to get home in time to relieve the nanny. I still have my GP number plates. My new CA plates are in the boot – I haven’t had a moment to find a garage to attach them…

After heading to bed early that night, Maya crawled into our bed in the middle of it, with a slight temperature and then all of a sudden it was time to get up again. This morning us three girls woke up feeling ill, snotty and moody and with still no hot water, it’s been a rather depressing day… but in between the kids napping, and Woolworths delivering groceries, I’ve been watching Felicity reruns. This used to be one of my favourite shows and a former colleague had all four seasons and kindly shared. It bought me a leetle joy and a bit of a needed escape. I never saw Season 4 so it was like catching up with old friends. This article sums it all up for me… I love the comparison of the BenFelictyNoel love triangle with the MrBigCarrieAidan dilemma. It’s the stuff all great series are made of. ‘She kept trying to make it work with Noel, but, when the heart wants a compulsive mumbler who looks adorable in a wide variety of flannels, well, you can’t argue with such a heart.’ For some I guess it would have been PaceyJoeyDawson triangle and for the even younger, the Twilight brigade.

Lame but it made me shed a tear for those treasured varsity years when we made friends for life, came of age and began planting the seeds of our careers. This weekend I wished for the first time that I could freeze frame and go back to those days. I wonder how different my choices would be if I could do that time over… Like I said, it’s been a bit of a surreal weekend. Hurry home husband – before lose my marbles.

Somebody made this sweet video … with the finale soundtrack, Sarah McLachlin’s I Will Remember You

And on the subject of varsity and series reruns, does anyone remember this show, Class of ’96? Loved it too but for some reason I remember it having a Seal soundtrack – Killer to be exact. If anyone can shed any light – it would be much appreciated.


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