e-vites are so last season


zodwa kumalo-valentine blog header

One of my favourite illustrators is Elois Timmis, whom I commissioned some time ago to illustrate a blog header for my new blog name – at that time, I hadn’t even really decided on a name. But I liked it. Unfortunately it never seemed to fit any of the templates I liked and then the final blow, I discovered someone has already registered aladylikeme blog. Mxim.

Anyway, forget that. Feast your eyes on these babies she mocked to illustrate the back-to-paper revival in Marie Claire 2013 Agenda section. I remember trend forecaster Dion Chang talking about it at length in a previous Marie Claire issue a year or so back – and now it’s reality. Scrawl your loved one a little love note on some pretty paper this year and leave it for him to find in an unexpected place. Or get an illustrator to doodle some cute illies like these for your next shindig.

Here are a few of her doodlings. So lovely!

elois timmis elois timmis 2 elois timmis 3


Keep checking in – got lots more for you…


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