declaring my colour of the season

Just as Pantone declared Emerald Green as the colour of the year, I’ve decided to declare my colour of the coming autumn/winter season. My love affair was reignited and reaffirmed by these lines I read in The Gentlewoman magazine and tweeted not so long ago…

Handbags are not pets –She’ll dump her Kelly bag on the restaurant floor – none of that giving it its own chair to sit on.’

Traffic regulations –She never crosses the road at a pedestrian crossing. Life’s too short and rules are made to be broken.’

Navy is important – She prefers the richness of all kinds of (French) navy to the ubiquitous black.’

Co-ordination – ‘She changes her perfume like her scarves, on a daily basis. Perfume counts as an accessory, after all.’

Time and motion – ‘She always sleeps in her jewelry. Why take it off in order to put it all back on again the next morning.’

Five ways to spot a proper Parisienne, by Bali Barret

Meet my version of navy – my midnight blue. I shall be obsessing over this colour and hunting it down in every clothing, accessory and lifestyle store.

midnight blue_Page_1 midnight blue_Page_2 midnight blue_Page_3


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