ikea finally comes to south africa

nevada furniture

What a genius idea! How long have we been channelling Ikea to come to South Africa – or at least ship to us?

Well, my colleague and friend Elizabeth Bishop sent me a link about a new little company called Nevada Furniture that imports brand new Ikea products directly to SA. They take orders from customers, and bring them in by the container load. They are in no way affiliated to Ikea – they just shop on our behalf. So their site has a few products I think selected by the folk at Nevada but if you don’t like any of it, check out Ikea.co.uk and make a list of your favourites, click on email and send the list to your own address – then click on custom orders on the Nevada Furniture page and upload your shopping list. And send. They’ll come back with a customised order quote within 6 hours.

Bloody brilliant! But hopefully they won’t get shut down for using the domain Ikeaza.co.za – well, at least not before I get my orders in! Just think about it: integrated lighting soultions, kitchen islands, children’s storage systems, furniture, bedroom textiles and rugs…  You could turn your home into a regular Scandinavian-style haven!

ikea cushions ikea kids room ikea rugs


6 thoughts on “ikea finally comes to south africa

  1. Very enterprising. However, it is the smell, feel and organization of Ikea that makes the shopping experience for me. The products are almost secondary in the experience. I want the real deal.

  2. Just come back from the UAE, visited Ikea while we were there and fell in love with their products. So happy we can order from SA!!!!!

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